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Yes. These are client side features – which mean that it runs on your visitor’s computer. So you can add flash, JavaScript or Java Applets to your website and as long as your visitors have these features available on their computers they will be able to view your web pages perfectly. Any browser (such as Internet Explorer or Netscape) that supports them will do. So these features are all supported by default on all hosting packages.

MySQL, MS (Microsoft) SQL Server and Access are database systems. Databases are a collection of data arranged for ease and speed of search and retrieval. Databases are used to create a variety of sites. If you are going to make use of any of them make sure that you choose a Hosting package which will support the specific database you are looking to use. 

Yes - Absolutely. We would love to host your site regardless of who designed it.

Yes you can. Your web hosting package has a stats program that will report, amongst other things, the number of hits, impressions and unique visitors. These stats use your log files to generate visitor information. 

You can also use remote tracking solutions (such as TheCounter.com or Sitemeter.com) which entail adding some JavaScript to your site. This JavaScript is then used to track visitor data.

You can choose to pay by any of the following methods:

For all Hosting Solutions:

    - Monthly via Bank Debit Order 

    - Bi-annually {6 months} via EFT, Debit Order

    - Annually {12 months} via EFT, Debit Order 

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